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New EDS Strategies Now Available – FRA and DV01 neutral on FRC

The new strategies deliver an efficient way to trade U.S. Dollar-denominated yield curve

USDB11 e BNDX11 Help Expand B3’s International Fixed Income ETFs

As of Wednesday, July 13, two new International Fixed Income ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) will be made available by B3, allowing for greater diversification of your investment strategy.

SVAL11 ETF Allows Investing in Small Cap U.S. Companies

The new ETF invests in 400+ small cap U.S. companies

New FOOD11 ETF Allows International Agribusiness Exposure

New fund replicates performance of more than 50 companies with global operations

B3 Launches 2022 Edition of the Financial Education Incentive Program

Applications for the program are open through July 29

New US Fixed Income ETF BDRs

Banco B3 and PIMCO launch 6 new ETF BDRs in the Brazilian Market

New FRA and DAP Slope Strategies

B3 expands availability of Interest Rate Trading Strategies

BLOK11: New Cryptocurrency ETF Allows Investing in Smart Contracts

Technology linked to cryptocurrencies is a key part of the cryptocurrency universe

B3 Expands Availability of Interest Rate Strategies

B3, Brazil’s exchange, has just launched two new types of structured transactions (strategies): DI1 EDS (Nominal Interest Rate) and DAP EDS (Effective Interest Rate).

Agribusiness Index Launched at B3 Allows Greater Exposure to Brazil’s Agro Market

In seeking to meet the demands of its market participants, B3, Brazil’s exchange, is launching the B3 Agribusiness Index (IAGRO B3), a stock index set to be the average performance indicator for shares of listed companies classified as Agribusiness according to the Agro B3 Classification.