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Agribusiness Index Launched at B3 Allows Greater Exposure to Brazil’s Agro Market

In seeking to meet the demands of its market participants, B3, Brazil’s exchange, is launching the B3 Agribusiness Index (IAGRO B3), a stock index set to be the average performance indicator for shares of listed companies classified as Agribusiness according to the Agro B3 Classification.

B3 Completes Unification of Its Portals

Check out where to find key exchange and OTC market data

Post-trade Automation of Private Securities Traded via B3 Trader

Improvements increase market efficiency and scalability

B3 Service Portal Gets New Status Table

The improvement aims to provide greater visibility to processes and reduce interactions with the service team

Four Other International Exchanges Included as Recognized BDR Markets in B3’s Listing Regulation

As well as inclusion of the exchanges in the regulation, which expands individual investors’ access to international markets, the Annexes to the Issuers’ Manual were also amended to provide further information to investors.

B3 Creates iMercado Solution Provider Certification

The initiative aims to qualify partner companies to deliver solutions for iMercado

First Corporate Bond ETF BDRs launched at B3

BLQD39 and BHYG39 help expand Brazilian investors’ access to U.S. Fixed Income securities

Listed deliveries on B3 Roadmap for 2022

Contente based on B3's 2022 roadmap

Technology deliveries on B3 Roadmap for 2022

Content based on B3's 2022 roadmap

International Fixed Income ETF BDRs Now Traded on B3

We are launching six ETF BDRs that seek to track fixed income indices comprised of US sovereign bonds