Automation of asset deposit flows at the investor's request in B3’s Investor Logged-in Area

This front aims to develop the iMercado and B3’s Investor Logged-in Area platforms in order to replace manual/paper processes for effecting deposits of assets originating from the Book Entry system to the B3 Listed segment environment.

The goal is to bring efficiency to the market in general, whether for Individual/Corporate Investors or for institutional investors aimed at standardizing processes, eliminating paperwork, and automation.



Product benefits


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About iMercado

iMercado combines several post-trade files and messages into a single product so as to streamline processes and provide agility and security. Custodians, managers and administrators may use the portal to view and extract data of their interest. They may also develop a REST API so that B3 can generate trade, characteristics and events messages via POST.  


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Technical details

  • Impacted systems: Sinacor, iMercado, CAC.
  • Related functions: No related functions.
  • Certification script: To be defined´.
  • Sinacor version: To be defined.
  • Catalog changes:Depositária Renda Variável: Catálogo de mensagens_v1.12; Arquivos XSD v1.12; External Codes; Histórico de alterações.


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