The SOG system has been updated to meet the new lien registration rules.

The update aims to comply with the legislation (Article 26 of Law No. 12,810/13) which allows custodians to register inalienability and unseizability liens in the listed depository environment. 



Product benefits


New lien registration lines and Lien and Encumbrance System (SOG)

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New lien registration lines

As well as pledge, transfer and usufruct, it will now be possible to register inalienability and unseizability liens.  

About the SOG System

The Lien and Encumbrance System (SOG) is a platform used for the registration of liens on assets subject to bilateral guarantees, such as fiduciary transfer, pledge and usufruct.  


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Technical details

  • Impacted systems:SOG
  • Related functions:No related functions.
  • Certification script:Project does not involve market certification.
  • Sinacor version:No impact.
  • Catalog changes:No catalog changes.


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