New lien pricing policy aims to harmonize the Listed and OTC models. Permanence fees will no longer be charged.


Currently, depending on the segment in which clients are trading – Listed or OTC – there are two different ways of charging lien fees: registration and permanence. 

With this project, the permanence fee will no longer be charged and the fee will only occur when new liens are added, when new assets are linked to existing liens, or when they are executed. 

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Product benefits


New lien pricing model

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A Single Lien Pricing Model


The market perception for lien and encumbrance registration services is that there is a disparity between Listed and OTC pricing models. 



This project aims to harmonize both models by providing a new pricing policy for registered liens in line with the existing pricing model in the OTC segment. 



In the new model, the permanence fee is no longer charged. There will only be charges when new liens are added, when an asset is linked to an existing lien or when a lien is executed. 



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Technical details

  • Impacted systems:SOG.
  • Related functions:Lien and Encumbrance Service in the SOG System – Fee Structure.
  • Certification script: Project does not involve market certification.
  • Sinacor version: No impact.
  • Catalog changes: No catalog changes.


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