The package will bring improvements to the DDA, GRC and RTC systems


As part of the continuous improvements of B3 Clearinghouse systems, we are launching a new improvement package. 

In this second 2022 delivery (click here to view the first improvement package) updates will be made to the GRC (Message) and DDA (Asset Distribution) systems, and a new version of the RTC (Real Time Clearing) system will be made available. 

For the GRC system, optional fields will be included in the messages of the asset buyback process, allowing users to request via message the execution of buy-ins restricted by the B3 Clearinghouse or undergoing exception treatment. 

In the DDA system, layout changes will be made on all screens.



Product benefits


Impact of improvements by system and process

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DDA – Asset Distribution System

Improvement to the public distribution offer process with change of layout in all DDA system screens. 

GRC – Buy-in Manager


Change to bvmf.043.01 and bvmf.064.01 messages to include optional fields in the request to execute buy-ins undergoing exception treatment that are currently only executed via screen.  
bvmf.043.01 – BuyInInstruction  
bvmf.064.01 - BuyInInstructionStatusAdvice 


Change of bvmf.043.01 messages to include optional fields that inform the operator ID in the request for restricted buy-ins. bvmf.043.01 – BuyInInstruction 


RTC – Real Time Clearing

Improvement to the settlement process with the second version of the RTC system (Version 2.22.2).  


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Technical details

  • Impacted systems: DDA, GRC and RTC.
  • Related functions: Settlement, public distribution offers and asset buyback.
  • Certification script: Project does not involve market certification.
  • Sinacor version: Version 22.3.
  • Catalog changes: Buy-in Message Catalog bvmf.043.01, bvmf.064.01 (optional fields).

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