Greater speed in processing asset debt window

Currently in the equities market, clients (custodians, brokerage houses and banks) must wait until 11:00 AM on T+2 to obtain the settlement result by asset delivery.

Through this project, B3 will bring settlements forward to earlier in the morning on T+2, thus diluting the volume of equities settlement instructions currently concentrated in the 11:00 AM window.

The early settlement will be enabled through cyclical rounds of asset delivery settlement carried out by sellers to promote greater efficiency and risk reduction to the process as a whole.



Product benefits

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Less Concentrated Asset Window

Settlement of asset debt in the equities market can now be done earlier in the morning on T+2.

Focal points

• At each round, the settled instructions will be updated in the RTC (Real Time Clearing) system and will be informed via new message.

• There will be a break-up of partially settled instructions. The new instructions created containing the outstanding quantity will be sent via existing BVBG.019 file.

• Portfolio exchange and custody authorization will not be processed during cycles.

 • Instructions already settled cannot have a portfolio change or custody rejection.

What doesn´t change

• Messages and files currently in use will not undergo mandatory changes.

• The 11:00 AM asset debt window will be maintained as a last attempt at settlement and determination of delivery failures.


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Technical Details

  • Impacted systems: RTC, NGA, CAC
  • Related Functions: No related functions
  • Certification Script:To be defined.
  • Sinacor Version: No impact
  • Catalog Changes: Asset liquidation.


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