New contract allows exposure to cryptocurrencies in a leveraged, safe and regulated way.

B3 was one of the first stock exchanges in the world to launch cryptocurrency index funds (ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds). Now it brings another novelty to the Brazilian market – Cryptocurrency Futures.

The new contract provides yet another alternative for investors to access crypto asset price fluctuations in a regulated and safe way. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency Futures contracts facilitate the diversification of strategies for those who already trade other crypto instruments such as Cryptocurrency ETFs and the cryptocurrency spot market.

The first Cryptocurrency Futures contract to hit the market is the Bitcoin Futures. New cryptocurrency contracts will be launched soon. 





Greater Safety and Efficiency for Trades with Exposure to Cryptocurrencies

Regulated market

Cryptocurrency Futures contracts are a complement to the shelf of regulated products available to investors at B3.  



Contract size: 0.1 Bitcoin 

Quotation: Brazilian Reals (R$) per Bitcoin 

Tick size: BRL20 per Bitcoin 

Expiration: Last Friday of each month  

Last trading day: Last Friday of each month 


Cryptocurrency ETFs

Currently, several Cryptocurrency ETFs are traded on B3. The product reflects the price fluctuation of the asset to which it is benchmarked and also allows investors to access this type of asset directly through their home broker of any Brazilian brokerage house. Learn about the products available at B3.


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Technical Details

  • Impacted systems  RTC and Sinacor. 
  • Related Functions No related functions.
  • Certification Script Project does not involve market certification.
  • Sinacor Version Version 22.1.
  • Catalog Changes No catalog changes.
  • Files -





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