Development of connection brings visibility to previously linked vehicle liens

This project is aimed at validating whether a Bank Credit Bill (CCB) has a vehicle lien registered in the SNG, B3’s Financing Unit (UIF) system.

In the event that the CCB has a linked lien, the proposal is to enable monitoring until maturity or until the contract is downloaded into the SNG system.

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Product benefits

The project will upgrade CCB registration.

Connection between the NoMe and SNG systems will bring greater visibility and efficiency

Current Scenario and Project Completion Outlook

Currently, clients who register a Bank Credit Bill (CCB) in the NoMe system with credit origin in CDC (Direct Consumer Credit), vehicle leasing or vehicle financing cannot verify whether that CCB is linked to a vehicle lien in the SNG.

Upon conclusion of this project, the following will be enabled: a validation function via screen, monitoring and monitoring cancellation via API and a report containing feedback on the monitored CCBs.


NoMe System > Function > Securities > Financial Instrument > Financial Instrument Query.

API website developers > Documentation > CCB API NoMe and SNG connection.


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Technical details

  • Impacted systems: No systems impacted.
  • Related functions: No related functions.
  • Certification script: Project does not involve market certification.
  • Sinacor version: No impact.
  • Catalog changes: No catalog changes.


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