New Unified Market Data Feed (UMDF) publishing interface using a binary data enconding (SBE).

B3 provides Unified Market Data Feed (UMDF) based on the Financial Information exchange ("FIX") communication protocol, encoded in two formats: text (tag=value) and binary (FAST).

The technology upgrade in UMDF will be promoted through the implementation of Simple Binary Encoding (SBE).

Binary UMDF primarily meets to high-performance trading systems, being optimized for low encoding and decoding latency, while keeping bandwidth utilization reasonably low. . 

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About SBE

Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) is a FIX standard for encoding binary messages developed by the CME Group and the FPL High Performance Working Group, which aims to optimize the exchange of financial data for high-volume, low-latency data dissemination. Compared to FAST (old encoding standard) it is simpler and faster to encode and decode. 

About FIX

FIX is a technical specification for electronic communication of messages related to the financial market. It is an open standard managed by members of the FIX Trading Community.


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Technical details

  • Impacted systems: Market Data.
  • Related functions: No related functions.
  • Certification script: Project does not involve market certification.
  • Sinacor version: No impact.
  • Catalog changes: No catalog changes.



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