Web-Based Margin Simulator


The growing number of individual investors trading on the exchange has bolstered their interest in derivatives trading and this led to the need to make this market increasingly accessible. With this in mind, B3, Brazil’s exchange, created the Web-Based Margin Simulator to offer to its investors. This innovation uses a simplified and intuitive version of a technology that allows quick, easy and direct access to the proprietary integrated risk calculation system developed by B3.

With B3’s new Web-Based Margin Simulator, final investors can quickly simulate margin call scenarios during the trading period without the need to contact their brokerage house whenever they need this information. As well as illustrating B3's margin call calculation, the platform’s key advantage is that the Web-Based Simulator provides autonomy to investors, who can create hypothetical portfolios (with up to 20 positions) made up of available assets.

“Through our new Web-Based Simulator, we will provide greater transparency about our risk methodology so that final investors can have an estimate of the funds needed to carry out a derivative trade, such as mini U.S. Dollar futures contract for example,” says Alexandre Jahnecke, Head of Products and Technology Services at B3.

It should be noted that the tool is aimed at calculating financial derivatives, equity derivatives and collateral, since collateralization (hedging) resulting from the margin call of cash positions (stocks) is at the brokerage house's discretion, bearing in mind that the risk can be covered by either the brokerage house or by the investor.

As of June 30, 2021, B3’s Web-Based Margin Simulator will be available free of charge for up to 10 daily calls at https://simulador.b3.com.br.

If you have any queries, please see our FAQ page or talk to your RM.