High density racks for your server at our Data Center

The new product is part of B3’s co-location service and allows the installation of infrastructure to trade with very low latency

Co-location allows brokerage houses, resident or non-resident end-investors, and service providers to rent racks to install their servers directly in B3’s Data Center, thus enabling access to the PUMA Trading System at very low latency.

As of now, this service will become even more robust. Effective April 19, we will provide high density racks to the market with energy capacity up to 2.5 times greater than that available so far.

High density racks will have the same privileged access to the PUMA trading platform as they will be able to receive high-energy consumption equipment that needs a reliable environment with energy supply and heat dissipation for its proper functioning.

 “This is a premium service that we are bringing to the market as it enables complex and sophisticated electronic trading infrastructures to operate more efficiently, ” says Alexandre Jahnecke, head of IT Products and Services at B3. “The advancement of technology has exposed a very high level of maturity to some client segments. “They operate in a fully digitalized way with state-of-the-art equipment, whose energy arrangement available so far could be a limiting factor. The new racks will fit like a glove for those clients,” adds Alexandre.

Ongoing co-location improvements

Co-location is a set of services that provides physical space and interconnections with our clients' equipment, enabling complete hosting of their technological infrastructures in B3’s Data Center. Boasting high availability and cutting-edge technology, this environment is continuously being enhanced.

Throughout this and next year, B3 will also expand the offer of standard racks, with energy capacity of 6 kW.

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Learn about the unique features of our Data Center and find further details about our co-location service.

For further information on B3’s new high density racks, call us on +55 (11) 2565-5496 or write to salesdatacenter@b3.com.br.