Client Ranking – The New Datawise Dashboard

To inform fund managers, investment funds and their financial groups details about the investment share of their final investors (whether Brazilian or non-resident investors), B3 Brazilian Exchange is launching new content on the Datawise Dashboards package.

Named Client Ranking, the new dashboard allows market participants to rank themselves against other participants through a blind ranking where they can check their place and current trading volume. The Client Ranking also provides granular data analysis for participants to view volumes traded by period and by trading entity linked to a particular grouping or segment.


 The new data package allows verification of the brokerage houses used, both by grouping in general and for each entity mentioned, so that competitiveness analysis can be carried out in an easy and assertive way.

About Datawise Dashboards:

Datawise Dashboards brings together in a single environment a wide range of data packages from the markets served by B3. In a totally secure and intuitive environment you can monitor market data and build on your business strategies from the Statistics, Trading Flow, Geolocation and now Client Ranking dashboards.

For any queries please contact our expert team via email produtosdedados@b3.com.br.