B3 Starts Accepting Requests for Listing of Fiagro Shares


As of today, August 2, 2021, B3 Brazilian Exchange will accept requests for listing and admission to trading of Investment Funds in Agro-Industrial Productive Chains (Fiagro) on the B3 listed segment.

The fund categories considered are: Credit Rights Investment Fund (Fiagro-FIDC), Real Estate Investment Fund (Fiagro-FII) and Private Equity Investment Fund (Fiagro-FIP). To be admitted to trading, the funds must be incorporated as a closed-end condominium.

Tickers will consist of four (4) letters and two (2) numbers. In addition, shares will be traded on the PUMA Trading System and trades will be settled on T+2.

To find out more about the procedures, deadlines and documents required for the listing and admission to trading of Fiagro shares, check out the chapters related to each fund category (FIDC, FII or FIP) in “Regulations For The Listing Of Issuers and for the Admission of Securities for Trading” on the B3 portal.

For any queries please call our team on +55 11 2565-7606 or +55 11 2565-5870.