B3 in Latin America

One of the strategic drivers of B3’s internationalization is its regional performance. The initiative started in 2015, with the  plan to acquire minority stakes in major exchanges in the region (Chile, Colombia, and Peru). As from the creation of a dedicated team, along with consolidated acquisitions, in 2016, the company started to operate with more presence, also more closely with clients, exchanges, brokers, and market regulators in this markets. Therefore, B3 has been contributing its experience and know-how, especially by active participation on boards of directors in these exchanges, proposing a development agenda of services and products, creating business and local market growth opportunities, together with the formation of a regional investment hub. 

B3’s main goal in Latin América is to integrate and develop the region's markets by improving introducing new services and products, besides cross-listing of existing assets, partnerships in technology projects and business development, seeking to utilize all the experience and potential of each market. Therefore, the aim is to increase the flow of cross-border investments and the access of regional investors to the Brazilian market and local investors to Latin American markets, as weel as attracting more foreign investments to the region, generating business and portfolio diversification opportunities, in addition to increasing liquidity and market depth.

Currently, B3 is a member of the boards of directors of Chile (SantiagoX), Colombia (BVC) and Peru (BVL) exchanges.

 Find below B3’s participation and position in the boards the main exchanges of Latin América.


Bolsa de Santiago (Santiago Stock Exchange – SantiagoX) - B3 along with Santiago Exchange signed in 04/12/2012 an agreement focusing on the development of the Chilean derivatives market. This agreement foresaw the transference of B3’s knowledge (BM&FBOVESPA) to the Chilean exchange related to the derivatives market, including products such as currency futures, equity indices, interest rates, etc.

In the first semester of 2015, B3 concluded the first stake acquisitions of SantiagoX, with a total of 8,3% in that year. In July of 2016, B3 increased this number to 10,4%, consolidating as the major individual sharehold in the Chilean exchange, totaling an investment of around R$ 52 million at that time.

Bolsa de Valores da Colômbia  (Colombia Stock Exchange – BVC) - In July of 2016, B3 acquired a stake of 9,9% of the Colombian exchange, with an investment of 39,8 billion Colombian pesos (around R$ 44 million) becoming the second major individual shareholder of BVC. This participation was reduced to 6,1% of voting capital due to BVC’s merge with the Colombian Central Securities depository, Deceval.

Bolsa de Valores de Lima (Lima Stock Exchange – BVL)- In January of 2017, B3 acquired a stake of 8,19% of voting capital of BVL, with an investment of 50,7 million Peruvian Nuevos Soles  (around R$ 49 million). Due to this investment, B3 became the second major shareholder of BVL.

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