We started 2019 with some exciting news about InfoHub

The information you need to expedite your trades!

InfoHub is a reliable solution that enables our clients to track their trades registered in B3’s environment, OTC segment, by receiving trading status messages, information on asset characteristics, derivatives and their financial events. All this in real time in a safe and standardized way.

To provide greater security, convenience and speed to the market, B3 will launch the following InfoHub features on March 25.

• New OTC asset characteristics request function

To enable greater operational efficiency and practicality, B3 will provide the market with a new function that allows our clients to request, in real time, the characteristics of public distribution assets as well as assets and derivatives under their custody.

 •             New message

Creation of a new message to identify the investors involved in OTC trades.

For further information about InfoHub, go to the InfoHub webpage or talk to your RM.