Roadmap 2018-2019: Check out our latest OTC deliveries

On March 25, B3 will make two new OTC deliveries to its client roadmap

On March 25, B3 will make two new OTC deliveries to its client roadmap: the LIG –  automated solution and Deposit and Lien – 2nd group of Assets – Resolution 4,593.

To ensure greater transparency and predictability to our clients, below are the highlights of each product.

 LIG – automated solution

The Real Estate Secured Bill (LIG) was first delivered in 2018 and now B3 is making an automated version available to the market. The delivery of the automated LIG will bring greater dynamism to issuances and greater operating efficiencies across the entire chain, thus living up to our commitment to leverage the market and help the development of Brazil’s real estate industry as a whole. Furthermore, through the automated LIG users can upload the issuance instrument, launch operations and provide information automatically to fiduciary agents.

 LIG is exempt from income tax for individuals and foreign investors and can be indexed to exchange rate variations. The first LIG issuances have already surpassed BRL3 billion. Want to learn more about this product? Visit http://www.b3.com.br/en/produtos-e-servicos/registro/renda-fixa-e-valores-mobiliarios/letra-imobiliaria-garantida.htm or talk to your RM
Deposit and Lien – 2nd group of Assets – Resolution 4,593

The constitution of cash assets as collateral is undergoing constant transformation. Since the publication of Resolution 4,593 in 2017, B3 has begun to adapt its system to mark the type of asset regime (Registered or Deposited) and carry out the liens and encumbrances under the Deposited regime. Now, with this new delivery, more than 30 financial instruments will be adapted, such as COE, RDB, DI and credit assets. And that’s not all! In September we will have another major delivery – Lien for registered assets.

 The 2nd group of Assets

  • Export Note (CCE)
  • Private Bank Credit Bill (CCB);
  • Real Estate Credit Note (CCI)
  • Private Rural Product Note (CPR)
  • Rural Mortgage Note (CRH)
  • Rural Pledge Note (CRP)
  • Rural Mortgage Pledge Note (CRPH) 
  • Certificate of Federal Public Debt Securities (CDP);
  • Certificate of Bank Credit Bill (CCCB)
  • Agricultural Certificate of Deposit (CDA)
  • Private Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificate (CDCA)
  • Structured Transaction Certificate (COE)
  • National Treasury Certificate - ECTN (ADA);
  • Treasury Financial Certificate (CFT)
  • Credit Agreement Against Third Parties (CCT)
  • Securitized Credit (CSEC)
  • Other products
    • Term Deposit with Special Guarantee (DPGE);
    • Interbank Deposit (DI)
    • Real Estate Interbank Deposit (DII)
    • Rural Interbank Deposit (DIR)
    • Cooperative Rural Interbank Deposit (DIRC)
    • Rural Interbank Deposit LCA – controlled rates (DIRTC)
    • Rural Interbank Deposit LCA – free rates (DIRTL)
    • Rural Interbank Deposit PRONAF (DIRP)
    • Rural Interbank Deposit PRONAMP (DIRG)
    • Rural Interbank Deposit POUP (DIRR)
    • Microfinance Interbank Deposit (DIM)
    • Social Development Fund (FDS)
    • Eligible Instrument to Compose Reference Equity – Brazil (Additional Capital and Level II) (IECI);
    • Eligible Instrument to Compose Reference Equity – Principal Capital (IECP);
    • Eligible Instrument to Compose Reference Equity – Abroad (IECE)
    • Export Credit Note (NCE)
    • Rural Credit Note (NCR)
    • Bank Deposit Receipt (RDB)
    • Agricultural Debt Notes (TDA)
    • Private Agricultural Warrant (WA)

For further information, talk to your RM.