Mini FX Futures (Pairs in USD) grow and gain visibility at B3

B3 offers Mini FX Futures Contracts (Pairs in USD) for trading, there are 16 different foreign currencies and the most of them already have Market Makers.

The most traded USD pairs in the first semester: Australian Dollar (AUS), Euro (EUP) and Canadian Dollar (CAN).

noticia B3.jpg

*contracts traded

In May, the Currency Futures in USD surpassed 93% of the total FX trading volume, excluding DOL and WDO volumes, and continues to grow:

  • Average daily volume of 14,250 contracts (increasing 240% compared with 2019)
  • The open interest increased to 114,774 contracts in May (high of 200%)

Access the reference material to learn more about the key FX futures contracts characteristics and advantages.

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