Deactivation of BM&FBOVESPA and Cetip Portals and FTP Server

Get yourself ready for the deactivation of the BM&FBOVESPA and Cetip Portals and FTP Server...

Since 2017 we have worked on the integration of Cetip and BM&FBOVESPA, which together merged into B3. As part of these efforts, and also to facilitate our clients' access to information on our markets, we hereby emphasize that on June 29, 2020 the following changes will take place. 

1) Deactivation of the FTP Server (ftp.bmf.com.br)
Data published daily will be maintained until June 29, 2020, when this means of access will be deactivated. After that date, data can be accessed through UP2DATA, B3’s End of Day (EOD) Data and Reference Data service. It should also be noted that the FTP historical data will be available on UP2DATA ON DEMAND, B3’s e-commerce data.

2) Deactivation of the former BM&FBOVESPA Portal and Cetip Portal
The current content of these portals will remain available for access until June 29, 2020. After that date, it will be deactivated. Please note that the content of these portals is already intergrated into www.b3.com.br.

Furthermore, no change will be made to data currently available on Secure Client and Market Data.

Access the File Data/Destination

You can count on us to help you with this transition. If you have any query, please contact your RM.