B3 renews the Market Maker programs for U.S Dollar Options

B3 recently renewed the Market Maker Program for U.S Dollar Options: regular and minis (weekly and monthly)

Aiming to attract different types of investors in the market, the Mini U.S Dollar Options were launched with reduced contract size. Besides that, the weekly expirations have the objective of bringing greater flexibility to the market.

Market Makers provide price references on screen, improve liquidity, facilitate business, and can mitigate artificial price movements.

The program was renewed with the following highlights:

  • The market makers have the obligation to maintain attractive spreads when compared to the offshore market
  • Expansion of the possibilities for negotiating different strategies through a longer interval between the series of mandatory actions

Currently, the U.S Dollar Options Complex already has two active Market Makers and we also have one slot available.

Access the reference material to learn more about the U.S Dollar Options characteristics and advantages.