B3 Completes Unification of Its Portals

Check out where to find key exchange and OTC market data

To facilitate our clients' access to exchange and OTC market data, B3 is discontinuing its legacy information environments. As of June 29, the old BM&FBOVESPA and Cetip portals and the FTP server (ftp.bmf.com.br) will be deactivated. Clients and investors will now get data in better formats with more information customized for each type of market participant.

The following data are available online on the B3 portal:

Securities Registration (listed and OTC)
Securities authorized for trading

Consolidated OTC and listed trades (trading session and after market hours)
All trades carried out on the day in each of these environments

Open positions and securities lending trades carried out on the day
Non-settled trades

Open derivatives positions
Non-settled trades

Margin scenarios for liquid assets
Maximum premium and discount scenarios calculated by B3 for the most traded assets, which can also be used to define collateral margin

As well as the accesses described above, financial institutions that are B3’s clients can also choose to receive information in advance and in custom formats through UP2DATA or via Secure Client.

UP2DATA was launched in 2018 to disclose end-of-day data such as securities registration, open positions, trade information, settlement and reference price, and economic indicators for the Commodities, Interest, Currency, and Equity markets. Secure Client uses Secure Transport technology (file sharing software) and aims to send and receive files between B3 and its clients in a nimble, interactive and monitored manner.

On this page under the “Material” item, you can find where each data is available after the legacy portals are deactivated.  

It should be noted that the content of the old BM&FBOVESPA and Cetip portals had been integrated into the B3 portal since 2018 and the deactivation of their respective links was announced to the market through External Communications 022/2019-VPC, dated July 4, 2019, 039/2019-VPC, dated November 8, 2019, and 076/2020, dated June 25, 2020, and through Circular Letter 018/2020-PRE, dated February 27, 2020.

Further clarification can be obtained from Governance and Data Services by calling +55 11 2565-5111 or emailing dataservices@b3.com.br.

For further information, please contact your RM.