2020 Roadmap Update

B3’s 2020 Roadmap has been updated. Check out the main changes to the new version of the Roadmap...

B3 has updated its Roadmap Products and Services as shown below. The main changes introduced in the 2020 version include new product implementations scheduled for April;

Due to the effective adaptation of all B3 participants to conduct their activities and business continuity plans during March, most of the products and services on the 2020 Roadmap remain as forecast according to the original plan. This allows us to better evaluate along with the market the effective evolution of the Roadmap and the need for reschedules.

We emphasize the importance of maintaining the readiness of all participants during this time to adapt their processes and developments needed for the implementation of our Roadmap products and services. In doing so, we will be able to perform tests in certification environments according to the schedule foreseen for each initiative.

Any changes to the 2020 Roadmap schedule will be carried out jointly with all B3 participants through our official communication channels and according to the institutions readiness level, their interactions with the Project Client Support team (TE) and RMs.

For further information, please contact your RM.